Welcome to the world wide Demeter product data base!

This data base, accessible by the public, has been built in response to requests for information about global Demeter operations and product availability. It lists operations and goods certified by the 19 Demeter certifiers organised under the umbrella of Demeter-International, and is searchable using operator name or registration number, product or certifier.

To find a product, click on the products tab. The window that opens offers different product categories (crops, processed products, livestock), and navigation to a particular product – say ‘cattle’ is a click away. The cattle page opens with filters on the right hand side allowing specific stock classes, countries or certification status to be added to the search.

Data are still being logged in by the different certifiers. All data are subject to a three monthly review and update by each of the certifiers. We hope you find this new tool easy to use and effective in the sourcing of Demeter products for trade, as ingredients in Demeter processing or simply as a contact platform if you wish to get in contact with Demeter operations in another country.

Please understand that this website lists only data of operations which agreed to be published in the internet. Thus data is not complete and cannot be used for statistical purposes.

The unpublished data is available to certifiers only. If you have the need for more anonymized overall figures or if you have any other questions or comments about this database, please contact us at:

Biodynamic Federation Demeter International e.V.
Brandschneise 1
64295 Darmstadt
phone +49 61558469-902

Contact Demeter database administrator